Bryan Hitchcock

David began his career working in the family business at an early age, Atlantic Wire Co. It is because of the history he has a true passion and love for the steel wire business. After the family sold the company David went out on his own forming relationships with high quality reputable companies selling various wire products. "Hands on" experience in and out of the mills from production to sales has lead to many years of success. David has a very strong technical background from carbon steel to stainless and has built strong relationships in the industry around the world. 

After graduating from Bryant College in 2001 Bryan joined David in 2002, making him their families 4th generation in the wire business. Bryan brings a  modern day approach to daily operations which has cultivated a strong knowledge in all the wire products they sell. He is interested in long term relationships where his customers look to their team for advice when developing new products or making their current product better. Bryan feels a supplier should exhibit a strong code of ethics and integrity and it is that reason Hitchcock Enterprises has had long term partnerships with all their wire principles and customers.

David Hitchcock

Hitchcock Enterprises is a father and son team that provides over 40 years of experience in the US Wire and Metals industry. This team has worked primarily as manufactures representatives but as of October 2016 own and operate Siri Wire, a domestic Stainless Wire producer in Northeast Connecticut. David and Bryan can offer a wealth of technical knowledge and it is through their experience in the industry can best advise their customer base through the most critical applications. Customers have learned to depend on this team, not only as suppliers, but also as consultants to their customers raw material needs. For more information please see our products page or contact us directly.